HP 420i to NEC 2510A?



OK, I’m new, and my backspace key broke tonight, so bear with me. I got an HP 420i 8x DVD+/-RW a little while back, now, recently I’ve been led to belive that this drive is an OEM NEC 2500A. From what I’ve seen in the past, a lot of people have been successful in flashing these drives to NEC 2510A’s in order to gain DL capabilities, so I was wondering, is it possible to flash my 420i to a 2510A? And if so how do I go about it?? I’ve updated firmware and stuff before, and I’m no n00b to hardware, I just assume this won’t be as straight forward as downloading a flash utility from the companies site and being done with it. So if anyone can tell me if this can be done, and wants to give me hand, I’d really like to hear what I can do with this drive.


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Yes, it is possible. You must use a third party flash tool like BinFlash or TDB’s DOS Flash tool along with a Binary firmware.


http://binflash.cdfreaks.com (Win32 GUI) works with “.exe” firmware too.


Follow what ItalianJob said. Should work fine. :wink: My NEC ND2500A was a HP420i and that was cross-flashed it’s entire life with no issues and nothing but awesome burns before it kicked the bucket.


OK, so I got Binflash GUI. I dumped my old firmware to a backup, now all I should have to do is download a binary for a 2510A and it should work??


Alright, flashed it, seems to be fine, downloading the nero demo right now to see what if anything has been added features wise, then I’ll have to try and burn a DVD to find out if it was 100% successful, thanks for the help guys