HP 420i Questions

I know the HP 420i is a rebadged NEC ND2500A. This makes me very happy as I know the 2500A is an awesome drive. I ordered the 420i from Best Buy today since I saw lots of reports from people using hacked firmwares based on the HP Firmware. My question is simple one I hope.

Can the HP DVD420i be flashed with NEC official firmware or the hacked firmware if I choose to do so? I probably won’t as long as it has the same wonderful media support the 2500A has but I figured I’d ask in advance. To flash the drive do you use the same tools you use for the actual NEC ND2500A? :slight_smile:

Had to add another question. I understand the HP Firmware certainly supports the DVD-ROM booktype setting which is awesome. Does it automatically make DVD+R’s read as DVD-Rom’s or would I still need to use something like DVD Info Pro to make the change?

Thanks for all of your input. I appreciate it.

Yes you can by flashing my hacked NEC 2500A firmwares in DOS :slight_smile: The final version will be available for the HP 420i too :slight_smile:

Woohoo! Thanks Herrie. I appreciate the response. Hopefully this drive will take care of the skipping/freezing DVD Backups I’ve had with the Lite-On 451S since I know my dad has a NEC-2500A and his backups play perfectly in the same players.

I’m on the assumption that I either got a dud 451S that is going to be to much of a pain to replace for what it cost or that the NEC is just that much better for DVD Backups in terms of DVD Video quality burning. :slight_smile:

@Braxas, Please check the firmware version of your HP drive before flashing it!
If you have anything newer than 1.27, I would like a copy of the firmware.

I can get a HP420ve at a very good price. I assume that since it is the external version ofthe 420i that the 2500A flashes would also apply to this drive also. Is that a good assumption or am I going down a dark slippery trail? Thanx

Good assumption :iagree:

wesociety, you got it. I won’t flash it first as I am a firm believer in testing something to make sure it works before doing any modifications. If it works fine I’ll leave it alone, obviously, and certainly if it would have a firmware of 1.28 or something preloaded you will get a copy as well as Herrie if he wants it. :slight_smile:

Greetings. Just had an HP 420i delivered today. Burned my first DVD. The firmware that came with it is vers. 1.26, but 1.28 is available on the HP support site. I did not have any problems using Nero 6 and firmware 1.26. I copied a DVD+R and it came out a DVD+R, not DVD-ROM. I’m a noob but I hope it helps.

Heyas, Tabasco. I’ve already burned 100+ discs with this HP 420i and it’s working like a dream with Herrie’s 1.07v2b4 NEC2500A firmware. Very solid drive and thus far (knock on wood) haven’t had any readability issues with the drive or the discs it produces. :smiley: