HP 4.7GB 16X DVD+R Inkjet Printable 100 Packs $14.99 Free Shipping




LOL!!! I was going to post this but you beat me to it :bigsmile: I ordered
some of them most likely they are CMC MAG.M01 but I’m hoping to
maybe get some PHILIPS.C16 in there instead but I’m not going to
hold my breath on that happening though. :disagree:


Pretty sure they are CMC. You can post Verbatim -R for $19.99 instead. LOL. Waiting for 10% Bing Cash Back before I order anything.


In for 2400. My bank of 50 Lite-on SHW160P6S burners really likes the HP/CMC +r’s, and $.15ea, shipped, with no tax is one of the better prices for a decent DVD even without the printable top. Now, maybe I’ll invest in a printer :slight_smile:


I hope they are CMC. I only bought 100. The regular HPs I bought about a month ago were CMC. They burn about the same as Verbatims for me, but I only burn at 8x most of the time.


CMC Magnetics now make Philips & HP discs
here’s a link to DVD+R specs: + :cool:


Just ordered a spindle.

ThanX !


Oh man I hope you guys have better luck with those HP CMC MAG M01’s than
I’ve had so far, glad I only wasted $14.99 on them and that I didn’t buy more
of them like I started to do. My 5 Samsung and 2 Liteon burners refuse to do
a good to decent burn with them between 2 different systems. :disagree: :sad:

I guess I will try them again on Wednesday that is when my Optiarc AD-7240S
is supposed to get here maybe I’ll have better luck with it and the MAG M01’s
than I’ve had so far with them and the Samsung’s and Liteon’s.

Here is a link to one of the best scan’s I’ve had so far all the rest looked even
worse than this one here and they wouldn’t even finish a TRT test. :eek:


I get good burns @ 8x with Pioneer 116, Pioneer 117, Liteon 20a4p, and Optiarc 7200a (before it died). I only do quick scans but they are about the same as Verbatim +r.