HP 16X DVD+/-R 100 Packs Spindle $16.99 @ Newegg w/ free shipping



link to -R
inexpensive media = thinner discs
-R discs = CMC Magnetics AM3-01
I have a review of the -R on the Newegg site and a scan of a 12X burn posted in the MyCE Blank Media section :cool:


$14.99 now for DVD+R



[QUOTE=arnesr31;2488094]$14.99 now for DVD+R


The HP +R are some of the worst discs I’ve ever tried they are CMC MAG-M01and do not burn all that
good or scan all that well or playback very good. I have tried the HP -R which are the CMC AM3-01 and
they do a lot better but still not the best for storing anything that is irreplaceable. :disagree:


My inkjet printables aren’t nearly as good as the regular HP +Rs but they aren’t awful. The inkjets do seem to stick together and I have had a few bad burns out of the first 30. I usually burn @ 8x on Liteon 20x burner and they play back fine on $30 Magnavox player.