HP 16x CD-Rs

who’s the Manufacturer?

and are they any good;-?

For reference:

Well, it’s probably going to be Ricoh (because you’re in canada)
alternatively, it could be Mitsui or Taiyo Yuden.

HP are always good CD-R’s - almost the only safe bet.

why dont you spend another canadian buck and get these kodaks?


hmmm… ill probably order some for myself…

wow–i didnt see that b4. i bought Kodaks from them b4, and they were 1-8x…and the pic there shows 1-24x :slight_smile:

i’ll just buy them both…see who’s the HP manufacturer & how’s the quality of them :wink:

thanx 4 da lil tip…i overlooked

actually, right beside FactoryDirect in downtown Toronto is APlus Computers who’s selling pack of 20 24x-80min HPs for $12.95 CDN…so picked one of those up (along with Kodak Golds).

hmm…the ATIP reads that it’s short strategy (Phthalocyanine) manufactured by Ricoh. :confused:
~are these supposed 2 be any good?
~i did a CD Quality Test (Nero CD Speed) on it, and it had a few hundred errors :eek:

i think imight try those 16x HPs from FactoryDirect…maybe they’ll be TY or Mitsui

Yeha, i was right about the HP’s being Ricoh

They should be excellent cdrs :confused:
i have no idea why they don’t seem to be performing for you :\

Perhaps you’re burning them too fast.
Every single Ricoh i’ve had has been EXTREMELY good.

I have used HP CD-Rs manufactured by Ricoh.

They are very good.