HP 1140i driver

Just bought a HP 1140i dvd writer (with lightscribe).

Installed OK and seems to burn OK…but I was surprised that there was no disc to install any drivers, and I was more surprised to see that the HP website did not even list the drive in their download/support section.

So…are there no drivers for this unit? Am I missing something? It was especially odd to me since the drive is lightscribe-capable and I would have thought they would have the lightscribe drivers on the same (non-existent?) disc.

What gives?

Oh…my OS is Windows XP.


No drivers required, Windows XP supplies the drivers. For lightscribe software visit the lightscribe site. Check this link:


I can’t even get my customer’s pc to recognize it. Nothing will work or play with it, even after switching cables and he just installed it brand new. What gives? :frowning: PCRMike

Hi and Welcome!

maybe it’s just a bad drive. To sort this out, try the drive in another computer.
Additionally, you can try another drive in this computer.