HP 1040d Verification Errors


I’m having trouble burning to Memorex DVD+R DL discs on a HP 1040d drive using Nero - Nero BackItUp 3 software. So far, I haven’t been able to burn a disc without read errors upon verfication.

I’m attaching the log file for one of the attempts.

Is this a drive, disc, or software problem?


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I’d just guess that it’s a media [disc] problem. Try troubleshooting first by finding some genuine Verbatim 8x or 2.4x DVD+R DL media, and see how that works.

Thank you.

I’ve been able to burn a full disc successfully when using the standard Nero data burning program. 1 out of 3 had errors using that method.

For Nero BackItUp3 there are two ways to backup your files:

One way is to use the Nero archive format. I’ve burnt 2 with 0 errors this way.

The other way is to keep the files in their native format. (which is the way I want to have them) This is when the majority of errors have shown up. I’ve burnt 4 and 3 had errors.

With this information, do you still think it’s a media problem?