HP 1040d firmware

Anyone have an idea how I can upgrade the firmware from EH24 to EH25 (or later) on my HP 1040d DVD drive?

HP’s site says to use a utility called MyDrive, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Spammity, you weren’t getting any replies in the Newbie forum, so I’ve moved this to the dvd writer subforum.

Perhaps someone can help you there.

I did look around, but didn’t find the updated firmware for your drive. Apparently, it can be crossflashed to a Lite on.

Is there a particular problem you are trying to solve by updating the firmware on this old drive?

Spammity, the HP 1040d drive is in truth a LiteOn LH 20A1H, by using the search function you can find a lot of good information regarding flshing a firmware.

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