Howto Overclock Aopen drivers

Hey yeah all

Here is a nice way to overclock your Aopen writers.

Step by step:

1>d\l the latest firmware for your
current writer.
2>d\l the latest firmware of next writer
(3248 ->4048 / 4048 -> 4850)
3>extract the flash utility of ur current
4>extract the .bin file of the next
5>load the flash utility and choose the
next writer.
6>Flash It!!!..:slight_smile:
7>Now reboot.

Enjoy from your new Overclocked Aopen writer.


Harry Tasker

I’ve tried with the Flash Util for my writer AOpen 24/10/40 and tried all the other firmware - binfiles from AOpen…

Cannon flash because new firmware is of another Type Code it says… so it DOESN’T work… unfortunately :frowning:

AOpen :Z writers do not work at all…why overclock them :confused:

alexnoe: i dunno why do u think Aopen drivers doesn’t work.
my Aopen 3248 now overclocked to 4048 works damn good.
i burn 700mb cd within 3:13 min. at x40 speed.
when i burn 700 cd with x32 i burn it within 3:41.
this score is the fastest driver for x32 speed so check your sources about Aopen.
I love those writers,they r the best form my point of view.

Hey Harry,

Can you kindly elaborate more on which flashing program used and where to get the firmware to o/c Aopen drives ?


hey guys… it works!!!
i upgraded a 3248 in 4048… it works perfectly
now i have a question: can i try to upgrade my “new” 4048 into a 4850?
does someone did it?

very thanks to Harry Tasker