Howto get .MPG to DVD?

I read an tutorial about making a DVD out of a divx file so I could burn it as a dvd.

with virtualdub I created the .wav file, and started the frame server. With TMPGenc I choose to create a ‘DVD (PAL).mcf’ and set the end frame etc. and after waiting 3 hours I got the .mpg file.

Now the tutorial told me to burn it to dvd with for example Nero with it’s dvd-video support.

I got lost now…

I have to make all those .ifo/vob/other multiple file shit and combine them into 2 directories (AUdio_TS & Video_TS) but all I have is 1 single .mpg file and single .wav file…

so my question is, how do I create a dvd out of a .mpg file which I suppose is correctly rewritten to a dvd pal compatible format with virtualdub&tmpgenc?

You will need to use a DVD Authoring program. These allow you to add mpeg files and turn them into full DVDs.
Pinnacle, Ulead, Mediostream, Dazzle, Sonic are some companies that make affordable DVD authoring programs.

try mydvd by sonic it is pretty good…


I tried ifoedit and it worked great. Atleast it plays on my xbox and still have to try a ‘real’ dvd player.

I burnt it on dvd+r, I don’t know if this is the correct format for movies… could anyone explain me what dvd media is best to use with what type of multimedia? (pc data for dvd-r or +r?, dvd movie?, xbox?, psx?, etc…)

Have a read of the tutorial we have here , everything is explained from start to finish.