Howto create audiocd from a mix using Nero

This is a Howto-splitup-a-mix-in-different-tracks-very-easy-using-Nero. :wink:

What we have is a mix with a duration of 73 minutes and 17 secs (in MP3 format).
What we want is an audio cd which contains that same mix but has cue points so we can skip tracks within the mix.
What we could do is use notepad to make a cuesheet, but in this case we will use Nero to create the cuesheet for us. This all will be explained to you in the next few minutes.

[b]01[/b] You open Nero and start an audio compilation.
[b]02[/b] Use the File Browser to locate your file and drag it to the Compilation area.
[b]03[/b] Select the file and look up it’s properties.
[b]04[/b] You’ll get a popup which has 3 tabs; go to the 2nd which says Indexes, Limits, Split.
[b]05[/b] At Positions (1) you can choose the start and end of track 1 you want track 1 to be.
[b]06[/b] When you’ve chosen which index you want to edit, simply click on the Edit… button (2) and set the start or end of track 1 in the popup you get. Click OK when you’re done with the edit.

[b]07[/b] You now click OK again cause you’re done with editing on track 1. (Start: 00:00:00 | End: 05:22:00 -> 05 are the minutes, 22 are the seconds and 00 are the frames. Keep the frames at 00 every track except the last one.)
You now can see that the Duration of track 1 is set to 05:22:00.

[b]08[/b] Now on to track 2! Again drag the same mix from your file browser to the compilation area.
[b]09[/b] And again you select it’s properties and go to the indexes tab.
[b]10[/b] What we will be doing different this time is that we want track 2 to start where track 1 ended. So what you do is set the start of track 2 (1) the same as you set the end (1) of track 1. So that will be 05:22:00!
[b]11[/b] Then set the end of track 2 to whatever point you like it to stop. In this case I want track 2 to end at 11:53:00 so I set the end to 11:53:00 and I click OK again.
[b]12[/b] Now you’re ready for track 3. Just set the start (1) the same as the end of track 2 and set the end to the point where you would like it to end.
[b]13[/b] Continue this untill you’ve reached the end of the mix and simply keep the end of the last track as it is, cause that’s the end allready! :slight_smile:

If everything went well you’ll have something like this. (except the different cuepoints ofcourse)

[b]14[/b] Next is you select track 2 -> track 12 (the last track) and select their properties. Here you see a setting called Pause. This is the gab which is placed between the different tracks when you burn the compilation. Set this to 0 (zero) seconds so there won’t be a pause at all. The tracks will follow up each other without you notice anything. :smiley:

[b]15[/b] Now on to the burning! Open the Write-CD Dialog and go to the Burn tab. Here you set:

[ul][li] Write
[/li][li] Finalize CD (No Further writing possible!) (this means closing the cd so no more tracks can be added; this must be done if you want the cd to play in a normal player!)
[/li][li] Write speed: to whatever speed gives you no trouble reading the disc afterwords. (for me 24x is no prob)
[/li][li] Write Method: Disc-At-Once (DAO); this means the whole compilation will be written in 1 run! If you select the other option, which is Track-At-Once (TAO), the writer will hold at every track for a few seconds. This can create a cracking sound during playback.
[/li][li] Burn proof if available, yes.[/ul]
If you’ve done everything like I told you, you will get a mix split up in different tracks which you can play in a normal player.

It may look like it’s allot of work but when you’ve done it one time, the next time will done in an few minutes.

Questions of comments may be posted in this thread.

Good luck 2U,




That’s what i call a guide!

Good guide…i will not use it myself…( i am not a mix man myself…lol)
but i would like to see more of this good guides on this forum…

Excellent work


I do the same things with lp’s when i put them on a cd, but I use a different road:
I record ( or open the wave or mp3 file) with cooledit.
I put the cue points on the places where I want the splits between the tracks. Now I Select them all in the cue point menu and merge them together. Afteher this I select the merged files and save them as wav files and burn them with nero.
The advantage is that you can listen where the new track starts and are able to put it just one frame ahead or back

I think you missed a basic function of Nero.

When you are in the index, limits, splits tab, position the cursor where you want the wav to be splitted, and just click “split”.

That’s all :slight_smile: !

However, I don’t recommand Nero to do this, because of the utter inaccuracy of the wav display and cursor handling.

EAC is more accurate. Here are some guidelines to create a cuesheet with EAC’s wav editor :
…as well as other software solutions.

This guide is just one way to do it.
I suggest people try different ways and choose which one they like best. :smiley:

i still dont get actually what the guide is for? what is a ‘mix’?

Originally posted by shuebhussain
i still dont get actually what the guide is for? what is a ‘mix’?

Especially used in the techno/dance/… circuit. It is something like a very long song, made out of little ones. They pass fluently into the other one. Maybe a bad explanation, but hey, I try :slight_smile:

clear enough Dansmug

I use a little prog called MP3 Trackmaker: It has a variety of functions, you can type all the endings of tracks into the prog and it splits the files for you. You can then write the files in DAO mode and you have a liveset cd with tracks. You can also import cue files to split the files and you can merge files to make a liveset.

What is a mix?
A ‘mix’ when DJ’s use turntables (and now Cds) to put recorded music together
in segues according to their respective
BPM (beats per minute). To give a clearer
view for this subject,one record is playing,and at the right moment,the DJ
plays another record ,similar in speed (BPM) to the existing one,slowing having
the new record come in so smoothly that
the untrained ear can’t tell the transition
between the two. I’m tipsy,but after
doing that type of thing for 25 years,
I could be dead,and still explain it to you

ok…let me clarify again…sorry 4 the confusion. i dont have a single song that is a live set(an 75 min set). what i have is 16 indivual songs i want to burn on a cd. i want to be able to mix the sings though so that track 1 flows right into track 2…track 2 flows into track 3 and so on wothout any interuption. i tries changing the 2 sec pause to 0 and i get an error message. does anyone know how to do what im tryin to do??? i appreciate everyones help and response.

If i understood correctly you get an error because the first track must have a 2 second pause according to redbook. Change all pauses from track 2 on zero sec. except for the first one.

Maybe I just don’t understand what is going on here, but why not just check the box to remove pause between tracks and skip all that other stuff?

Originally posted by rwinegar
Maybe I just don’t understand what is going on here, but why not just check the box to remove pause between tracks and skip all that other stuff?

That function was not available at the time of writing this guide. :slight_smile:
(guide is based on the ‘normal’ Nero, not Nero-Express)

Just a small remark …

I tried to make a mix as you (very nicely) described,
but in the final resul I can still hear a small glitch
between 2 tracks, as like you’re driving your car
and the CD player just skips for a split second as
you take that bump on the road 2 fast …

Anybody knows this problem and the solution ?



just signed up today looking specifically for this info, great guide!

I have Nero Express, will the guide work for this too? (I haven’t actually tried yet)

I’m splitting up a DJ Mix

Originally posted by Teknopete
[B]I tried to make a mix as you (very nicely) described,
but in the final resul I can still hear a small glitch
between 2 tracks

Anybody knows this problem and the solution ?

I’ve seen this today :stuck_out_tongue:
If you’re doing it with MP3 files, it’s normal (they have silences “inside”)

If your sources are WAV files, then the problem is that they’re size is not multiple of a CD-DA sector (588 samples). You can’t burn these files with Nero, you’ll have to do it with Feurio and “Do not insert pauses between tracks” Settings.

If you’re using a Nero version between and, upgrade. They’re buggy and they delete the last sector of the tracks.

I’m splitting up a DJ Mix

Do what Pio2001 says, if Nero Express allows it.
Otherwise download Feurio and use “Split Tracks (linked)” in the Track Editor.


How do I record a seamless audio mix that’s already split up into several mp3 files?

I tried to record a 60 minutes long mix of music that I composed last year (great for parties and other events!) and the software used was Nero 6. To my great disappointment, however, the CD didn’t play seamlessly but had a few milliseconds pause between the tracks - this despite the fact that I had removed the default 2 seconds pause that Nero stupidly wants to add. (Note: the mix is already split up into several short mp3 tracks.) The short pauses aren’t troublesome on ordinary albums, but when listening to mixes or live concerts that extends over several different tracks, the pauses are critical.

Now, with my good 'ol 8x recorder accompanied by Roxio Easy CD Creator 5, burning this music marathon worked flawlessly using the DAO method, but this unfortunately is not the case with Nero 6. Note that I’m not fond of the idea of changing software either, so a post claiming that this works with Nero 6 would make my day, evening, Christmas or whatever. :slight_smile:

I recently learned that the method to use is known as seamless burning (or anything similar). As the CD freaks you are, I’m in heavy need of your knowledge. How to avoid pauses between tracks?

All answers appreciated!

MP3 format includes small silences at the beginning and end of tracks.
That’s why you can’t create a seamless burning from MP3.
You have to delete those small silences from the decoded WAVs.

If Easy CD Creator 5 does it automatically, I don’t know… but Nero doesn’t do what you’re asking for (“Remove silence at the end of audio tracks” doesn’t do anything at all)

Anyway, I doubt the algorithm to delete that is completely perfect, and I bet it’s deleting too much.