Howto burn a computer game

I haven’t been here for awhile so that is why i am in the newbie forum, but I have a question regarding computer games. My friend wants me to play simcity 4 w/ the rush hour edition included, but we don’t know what program to use to burn it and to play at the same time if we wanted to, we would have to have seperate disks because you need the disk to play the game otherwise it won’t load. my question is…what program can burn computer games? i am looking for a free program btw, also whatever recommended program you guys give me, should i be using a CD-R or DVD-R/+R?

Thanks for all future responses

Seeing as you are not new here - the ‘future response’ is to ask you to read the rules of this forum again. We can’t help you copy protected games to give to a friend so you can both play.

Thread closed.