Howto burn 5cd to 1 DVD

please can smeone help me on how to burn 5 bootable cd’s(iso images) to 1 bootable DVD disk.

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I think that more information are needed. What is the contents of the CDs? Is it music? Is it a software? What do you want to do exactly? :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply.
the 5 cd’s contain software(linux) maybe 3.5Gb.

I think that the easiest way is to check on the linux distro developer website if there is a DVD version of the distro. To convert all 5 CDs into an installation DVD it is not so easy.

What is the distro?

This won’t work for this particular problem, but since I am looking to do something similar… burn the ISOs onto the DVD as a file, and install a virtual drive onto your computer (something like powerISO)… Then just mount whichever disk you want to run first, when it’s time to switch disks, just unmount disk A & mount disk B…

Linux installation disks are bootable, you don’t install Linux through Windows or any other OS. Virtual drive wont work. The only option is to find DVD version of the distro.

Geno Since when is it not easy??? There is nothing hard about it. All you need to do is down load [B][/B] it’s a bash script to make dvd.iso from multiple cd.iso files. After you down loaded it you can run it and it will create a DVD iso with a complete dvd structure in it. :slight_smile:

oops, sorry I’m a total noob in linux :o :o

Thanks for the trick :slight_smile:

Sorry again for my noob questions, but I downloaded it and there is a comment on the bash script:

This version only works with “isolinux” based Red Hat Linux versions.

Will this script works with any distro or only with RedHat?