[Howto] 2avi.'s + subs

Hello, everybody.
I made today probably the best investment I had ever done in software - I bought ConvertXtoDVD. It converted an old German film with its subtitles in Bulgarian without any problems and with a nice quality :bow:
But I want to convert some other films, that are 1.37 gb and separated into two parts - each being 700 mb with their appropriate subtitles, but I don’t know how to do it.
I would be very thankful if somebody helps me, because this software r0x and I want to continue using it :slight_smile:


Somebody please answer? :frowning:

Simply add both parts to CxD, check that subtitles are there, add if not.
Then convert.

Doesn’t work, I have two separate DVD-s now.
I want to convert two or more files into only ONE DVD.
Is it possible with this software?
Or should I use Virtual Dub for the film and SubResync for the subtitles?


Use the latest version v2.1.14

Add both files (Part1.avi / Part2.avi)

Press the + on each files, in the subtitle portion, add a subtitle files.

Convert :bigsmile:

If this is not working you are not doing it properly, or something else is wrong, because it works great with these basic instructions…

in this version v2.1.14
after both of the avi file joint can it look likes just only 1 movie while playback or it will seperate in chapter ???

my software version is v2.1.8.191
i did put 2 avi file and convert it before.it came out the result just like i mention above.when the 1st part finish i have to hit the play button on my remote in order to play the 2 part.

now i’m going to try to joint both avi file into one 1st then only convert it,the only problem is how i’m going to do with the subtile file :frowning: because it comes with 2 file also :sad:

can the lastest version slove this ???