How's Your Winter

Here at home, we have had a record setting winter. We started with about 4" Christmas Day, and it has stayed cold (so nothing melted) and snowed pretty regular since then. In our subdivisions we have snow piles 6’ tall in numerous places, people with roof damage and leaks from ice dams, roofs collapsing. Most snow we have had since they started recording them here. So how is winter where you are.

Colder than normal, but not severe. We’ve had lots of wind, a little rain, but only a dusting of snow once this winter. We had a few very light flurries today, but its not cold enough to stick.

Its just miserable enough to discourage me from going out much.

We haven’t had much snow here this winter, only minimal amounts that melted in less than a day.
We’ve had temperatures as low as -12°C but mostly it’s been above zero.

Lowest it has gotten so far is about 50 dg, Orlando, great place to be in the winter

Milder than normal here so far, but it’s not over yet so I’m tempting fate. :slight_smile:


It’s been generally mild this winter but it has been very cold today.

Well, as for Norway, it has been an exceptionally mild winter 2016/2017. It’s been the occasional snow and below zero celcius. Tomorrow the forecast is -12 and clear… Then again, they said it would be cold today as well but the little snow we had is almost gone. I can honestly say I love it :slight_smile:

Now, please don’t attach this to global warming… There is none. We have observations of the sun’s activity for about 400 years, and it follows the temperature curve of the earth 100%, hard to tax though. If you need the answer, we are ever so slowly approaching a new ice age. Greenland got its name about 1000 years ago because it was so green and prosperous, no wonder… It was hotter then than now :wink:

Weather has changed drastically over the past few weeks here in W Texas. Its been downright hot. Hit 88 degrees the other day, and set a new record for the area for that day in Feb.

According to weather models known to me, the north of North America and parts of Russia should be cooler than normal, but then again, I’m not all patched up lately and you’re too far south for my knowledge :wink:

Feels like spring in Georgia, USA.

It’s not been that cold in the London area this year. (yet) Some frosty mornings just below zero C and a few mm of snow once that melted within a few hours. The the road I live on has been salted a few times. Annoyingly, the salt gets in to my brake discs and rusts them up badly. No one makes those wheel dust protectors in the UK any more, shame as they would stop the problem.