How's your ISP?

I like my ISP. I can play with IPv6, SIP, Telnet or still even dial in if i want to on my DSL. It’s not that expensive and it offers great support at a local fee or email. 500 megs of email space on each of my (up to 5) accounts. Free software for pc, mac and linux systems and they seriously respect privacy.

How’s your ISP?

Although I pay quite a bit (£35 a month for 384k up/up to 10 Mbits down), I love my ISP.

Hardly any downtime, good speeds most of the time, and great customer service (the very few times I’ve used it).

Been with them for 6 years since I was on dialup, and I wouldn’t change for love nor money (unless I moved into an area they don’t offer service).

Go blueyonder, hehe.


i recently changed from dsl to cable…just because they offered a sweet deal…
i got digital cable tv…cable internet. …and voIP …for under 100 bucks a month…

so far customer service has been great …I called once to see if the system was down…and it was a Network problem not a local one…which they said was really rare…didn’t take but a lil while to have it back up and going…so far i’m happy…

I guess I like mine. It always seems to work and it is up to 7mb. It’s kind of expensive @ $42 US but I could never go back to dial up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly - expensive, but way better than dialup :iagree:

We were like the last area in the city to get digital cable (in 2002) - we were stuck on analogue and dialup til then.

I too get a package deal - cable internet, cable TV, and phone from the same company…but I pay a whopping £60-something a month for it all (the £35 I mentioned above is just the internet portion) :eek:

Edit: BT (DSL) is either more expensive or the same for just the net and phone stuff. I haven’t checked their prices recently, they may have improved.

I’m too far from the exchange to get DSL anyway, LOL :wink:

Currently I enjoy my ISP since I just switched. My prior ISP sucked (almost worse than dial-up). It was 1.5Mb D/L and I only kept it for 3 months because it came free with my Apartment but the networking equipment that they put in here was terrible and so any time there was a power spike, ect. the equipment had to be manually reset and only the Assistant Manager had access to the Equipment and knew how to reset it. He had a bunch of other things going on so finding him was really hit and miss. So there were times when I went days without i-net service. The “straw that broke the camel’s back” was when it was down for a whole week. I finally had enough and signed up with my phone company’s 5Mb DSL connection, which is the fastest I can get in my area. Runs me $42 a month with the DSL modem rental, I have had it for about a month and it hasn’t been down once. Anyways I come to find out that the Assistant Manager who was the only one who could reset the system had moved out and that is why it had been down for the whole week. Makes me glad I got a seperate I-net service and it hasn’t been down ONCE in the last month that I had it. I counted how many times the I-net had been down at my apartment complex. In the 3 months that I used it, it went down 13 times ranging in downtime from 8 hours up to 5 days.

Wow thats quite a warped speed you have there.
10 Mbit :bow:
384k!? :confused:

Mine’s pretty good. It’s not the cheapest and not the most expensive one and I’m pretty pleased with the speed considering I live a bit away from the station. It’s said that they have a download limit, but knock knock, I havent heard anything from them and I’ve still downloaded quite a few… err, Linux distros, in my day…

Go tell them :bigsmile:…yep, just checked: ups at 384 kbps. Also just checked the same page, now you mentioned the thing about restrictions…apparently we have none either (they even go out of their way to dis BT and Wanadoo about that, hahaha).

I’m warped anyway :bigsmile:

/me misses a decent internet connection.

256 Down / ?? Up - About the same price that I was paying for 2Mb Down / 256 Up

Yeah I’m on blueyonder at 384KB up/4MB down and they are good. I think only one day downtime in the last 18 months.

I used to have GTE. Then Verizon bought them. For a little while, the transition was kinda hard, but over time they upgraded me from 768/128 to 1.5/384 for free (including the modem) and have been about 99% reliable since them early days. I get 10 email addies, 10 meg of web space (that’s kinda small) and things are doing fine.

It works so often so well that I just take it for granted. It’s just “there”, like turning on the tap water at home. It’s just there, and it does what you want it to and it’s like $29.99 USD a month, and I can live with that.

DSL or cable? Mine is through Qwest and they should have the same deal in your area. I guess it’s just me but I would gladly pay an extra $10 or so per month to go from a 1.5Mb connection to a 5Mb connection.

DSL - a non-shared pipeline.

I’m not a fan of the cable monopoly. I’m not a fan of Microsoft either.

So Qwest doesn’t have DSL service in your area then?

Don’t think so. I’m not sure I’d want Qwest after all of their accounting practice woes. They cooked the books to buy up US West I think, didn’t they?

Verizon seems to be good enough. A bunch of 3rd party DSL providers went out of business over the years but my service has been unaffected and uninterrupted. Plus, I used to pay about $46 a month for less than I have now, and now I’m only paying $29 a month or so. I actually got more value for the money. Now THAT is a pretty cool thing. Same company, but they just kept offering me more and lowering my prices.

Is this through Comcast? I’m still waiting for the VoIP to be ready where I am. Hope you have a cell phone for when the cable goes out and a battery backup for a power failure.

Myself I’m happy with Comcast Net service. Maybe a day or two total down in the past 2 years. Pay too much til the VoIP gets here with that bundled package but I would rather pay too much than have dial-up. And I currently also have Vonage VoIP but I’ll save about $45 a month with the same bundle S_S has.

I’m with Talktalk (UK), it’s just average, with 256up & 2.2 download for £17.99 p/m, there technical support couldn’t even tell me that there servers were down one night. :frowning:

Well as mentioned above it was the best choice in my area.

My old ISP sucked … they claimed there was no MB download limit … but they capped everyone after about 15GB … Not nice when they change the rules after you’ve signed up for a few months … It was supposed to be 1500d/256u … but it turned out to be 64d/256u and it was next to useless.

My new ISP … took 4 weeks to hook up my damn adsl. And then another week to actually fix it so I could use the damn thing grrrrrr. It’s a downgrade at 512d/128u … but at least it is claimed to be REAL unlimited … something is is becoming rather extinct in Oz.

Having used it for all of 3 hours now … no complaints.

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