How's your english?



I was just wondering, of all of the people whose first language is not english. How you type your posts, personally english is like my second language, but I can understand that alot of people aren’t that good in english.

What I mean is: do you have to translate all the english that you type/say in your head, or do you simply already think of it in english, personally I often even think my everyday thoughts in english, even though I am dutch, so when I type something, I immediately type in english, without translating what I want to type from dutch to english. But do you first translate from your own language to english? Or do you type it immediately in english like me.

Pretty stupid question, but I was wondering about this anyway


Hm… sometimes i can write in english without thinking in my mothertongue (german) and sometimes i have to translate in my head =)… and sometimes i use a translationmachine for technical words.


My first language is also Dutch. I’m getting more and more used to English, as about everything I read and write is in English, colleges are in English etc etc. I try to think as much in English, but I know that often I fall back on Dutch grammar or so.

Just like with everything else: it’s never perfect, you’ll always keep learning. Yes learning, learning I am :slight_smile:


Me not need dictionary , me can write , dream and speak in English is necessary. However , speaking it takes far more effort than writing it.


sounds familiar. Sometimes, i make english sentences with Dutch grammar. Is quite funny actually :bigsmile:


for me (i´m austrian) it was (is) writing in english really heavy, but it´s going better day by day, sometimes i´ve to use a translationmashine for words i don´t know.

since i started in this forum my english is going better and better (i think), so i can say at cdfreaks i´m learning much about pc, software … and also english.


german - english, english-german


my english is going better and better

but it´s going better day by day

It’s “getting” better and better and but it’s “getting” better day by day not “going” :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

But on a serious note, all the guys that speak multiple languages here deserve a lot of credit. If only the english/americans as a whole could be as bothered as you lot, the world would be a smaller place.

Keep up the great work and i’ll correct you as we go along :bigsmile: :bow:

P.s i really like your avatar herbei


…and so i learned something again thx :smiley:


Does anyone else know Japanese??? :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Domo Arigato

that’s about it :bigsmile:


i write can fluently english


If you english going speak with dutch grammar, looks it always very weird.


Originally I’m from the Philippines, our official language is English ( don’t know why?:-)) I’m living since 3 years in Switzerland and for those 3 years of stay here I got much more difficulty to write and speak grammatically correct English because i start to construct my sentence with a german grammar. LOL
but i think this site will help me to refresh my rusty english knowledge.

It’s really nice to be able to write again something in Englisch… LOL


Hmmm…. English is practically my first language! All my nightmares are in English and they’re all about spellcheckers. :slight_smile:


anyway, i try my best to think in english, but to write nie, long and complicated sentences i have to translate a bit… which is a kind of pain because italian grammar is REEALLY different from the english one… bah, i can get through a chat session NP, but my spoken english is not so fluent…


What’s funny?
I happen t have a fundamental understanding of the japanese language :stuck_out_tongue:

[don corleone]
dont mess with the japanese, or you’ll wake up next to a dead horse
[/don corleone]

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


You tell me how good or bad my English is…(taking into account it is not my first language)

Due to my line of work I have to write a lot in English (this forum helps too). Even though I sometimes have a problem writing in Dutch because I am so used to English when it comes to work related terms, I think it is still clear that English is not my native tongue…


“Leuker kunnen we het niet maken, wel makkelijker” :wink:


(for non-Dutch speakers: “We cannot make it more pleasurable, only easier”, the slogan for the Dutch IRS)

That is the other side of my business…I work for the “good guys” so to speak.


Fine my is Engrish much so! :bigsmile:

Seriously though. Most of you people with English as a second language are better at it than me. I always spell check because I’m horrible at it. I took a grammar test recently and my score was pathetic. I wish I knew more than one language but I should probably try and master my own first. :wink: