Hows your driving

I’m starting with the ten worse drivers:iagree:

the rest

The Cherokee stuck in the mud reminds me of one a friend of mine pulled out when I was at the river with him. He had a monster 4 wheel drive pickup that would go through about anything. If it got stuck he had a wench & special ground anchor to pull himself out. I never was with him when he got stuck but he said he had to use it a couple of times.
We ran across a Cherokee stuck in the mud up to all four axles. . This idiot had taken his brand new Cherokee with the sticker still in the window out to play in the mud. It still had the factory tires on it too. My friend had a super size nylon tow strap & we popped him out with little effort.
It must be a thing with Cherokee drivers because we also pulled a brand new one out of a flooded street . The water was so deep it was up to the Cherokee’s window bottoms. The water was also that deep inside & came gushing out once we pulled it into a parking lot above the water. BTW this idiot had his wife & kids with him.
My driving is still OK. I have to renew my driver’s license next month . Does anyone know where I can get a rectum measurement gauge as that is one of the many new requirements to renew a drivers license. :wink: Well maybe not that bad yet but the renewal notice listed several things necessary to bring for identification. You would think since I’ve had a license in Texas for 46 years & they took a full set of finger prints the first time & an electronic thumb print last time They could identify me.

Parking Lot Revenge

I love it :cool::iagree::clap:

Man I’ll bet that sucker was musty after she put up the roof. :Z

[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2580264]Parking Lot Revenge[/QUOTE]

LOL!!! Now that is what I call getting revenge :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

This here is one heck of a parking job :iagree: :bigsmile: :eek:

Women trying to park in small spot.

There’s some real horrible videos of car wrecks on the net ,makes you want to walk more.Here one thats not to bad and has the same gal parking but some others too.

Thanks 4 all those links YOUTUBE saving them when im capped coz I cant get on cdfreaks only the tube ♥♥♥♥