How's YOUR driving ? Do the test!

Take the test at :

My sore was 57,5% " Edgy "

I got 2%…
Is that good or bad? :slight_smile:
Then I don’t drive anyways…

40%…had expected it to be less…

Am not the swearing, cursing, shouting, giving the finger kind of person…apparently I am 40% of that :wink:

70%?! :eek:

Well, I do not always carry my sawed-off shotgun and the balaclava in the glovebox, sometimes it is in the trunk. :cool:

60% prone to road rage ??!!!

That actually doesnt seem like me…
But i’ll warn everyone now to stay off the roads I might be near.

Dont say I never warned you !! :wink:

Opppsie… 72.5% :eek: I think I had better stay off the roads from now on :stuck_out_tongue:

85%!!!..WooHoo! I got a “B”!

ehm…70%, but my passengers always have a great time, and never fall asleep…

The test must be rigged,it said i am 100% prone to road rage.It reckons im a psychopath behind the wheel,no more sunday driving for me.