Hows this scan TY02 burned at 16* with a 1673@1693






Hows about this 12x burn


First two are bad.


Even with a 93% quality score? Damn these lite-ons suck ass


the second scan is alright …no perfect Lol…

have you try to read back at 16x using CD speed transfer rate test??


the thrid one burnt at 12x is fine


it’s the second, not the third…

the second one is good.


both of these are good. you wont have any problems with them. if you want to be sure, do a 16x read speed test. to everyone - give the guy a break, scans are fine, if you see a hill here or there it doesnt matter scan is bad sucks or disc is useless. do some practical tests in extreme conditions first, before talking nonsense.


Well the first 1 is good @ all… the second scan is good! but You should do a read test of both discs to ensure they can be read at a stable and increasing speed.

But are you sure you got REAL TY media??? what brand discs have you got?