Hows my encoding speed?

Hi all,

I’ve just started DVD Ripping with DVDFab and I love it. The rip does take AGES though, and I just want to make sure that there is not anything I am doing wrong (apart from my specs) that are holding me back.

I have a pentium 2.4 with 1gig of ram. I am encoding with the Xbox 360 preset, and getting an encoding speed of about 14 fps. For it to complete the rip, it takes about 12 hours to do a complete movie.

I’m happy to wait… just making sure theres not something I could do to improve performance.


Sorry to double post… after having a look around, I see a time to aim for is a little less than the running time of the DVD.

At 12 hours encoding for a 2 hour DVD, I am definitely struggling. The rip is quick, it’s just the encoding that struggles.

Is it potentially as I am using the default XBOX setting with a 2pass encode? The first pass usually takes about 3 hours, which I could live with, it’s the 2nd pass that is the drainer?

My main goal for the output is just to stream my DVD collection wirelessly from my PC to my Xbox 360. File size is not an issue, and quality isn’t a huge issue either (within reason), I am mainly just looking for a way to streamline backing up a large DVD collection. At 12 hours a disc, I’m going to be backing up every day for months!

Or maybe my paltry 1 gig of ram is just not up to the job?

Sorry to be painful… any help would be great. I am so excited at the prospect of having my DVD library so easily accessible through the Xbox! :slight_smile:

I’m pretty new at this myself, but I use the PS3 setting and my ripping/encoding time is usually about 90 minutes for a 2-hour movie (1-pass mode). I’ve been told that’s fairly typical. 2 gigs of RAM on my laptop.

If quality isn’t an issue,then do a “Fast encoding” 1-pass instead…
Try a short clip first and see if it suits your taste…
@ Desperado,
Yeah the Xbox profile only has wmv output,so no vob passthrough…

Thanks guys, that definitely helps. I’ll give it a crack on “fast encoding” tonight.