Hows everyone's DL burn's coming out?

Ive just started to use double layer because i just copy the movie,but my sister bought the First season of the Flintstones,Johnny Quest,and the anyway i wanted to copy the whole dvd’s.I have the nec 3500a and it doesn’t do dl very good at all tried different media and got more coaster then good burns. Went to the store and picked up the plex 740a and its burning very nicely,dont no what the deal is with the nec it was burning dvd’s(just the movie) great well i guess im back with plex again even though this drive does look cheap the reviews were pretty good over all.

Imation branded DVD +R DL 2.4x
Here is the reading @8x

The 740a is a rebadged Benq 1640, if you want you can crossflash the drive to enable Qsuite utilities from Benq. Fortunatly the latest 740a firmware is up to date, so if you use the latest (1.02?) firmware you will be up to date with Benq’s latest, but still lack the Qsuite utilities.

This drive loves MKM001 DL discs. Supposedly Ritek D01 discs have improved, but still do not come close to the quality of Verbatim MKM001.

My experience is that Ridata DVD+D DL: aslo MID code “Ritek-D01”
do not burn well at all in a NEC 3500 fw 2.1A.
Mostly the burns just stop when reaching the second layer esoacailly when the total size of the movie is over 6 GB.

Can anybody tell me if these RIDATA DL burn better in a Plextor drive ?

How do i cross flash so i can use the Qsuite utilities ?