Howcome Hide ATAPI doesn't work?

I have a region set to Canada, and I select hide Atapi code but no matter how much I try I still get the prompt to enter the original CD.

It’s and SD2.8 game (Splinter Cell Disk 3 (the only one protected))

I used Lity 52X to copy and burn the babby with no AWS enabled. ClonyXXL reports the backup as SD2.8 but as soon as I try to play it with my lity CD-RW with Hide option it the game prompts me for a CD and it’s not the only game that does that. Many times the HIDE option does not work

AMD Athlon 2600+ @~1390
768 Corsair XMS 3500
S9 Super Graphics Chip (I can’t get a good 3D going I don’t know why?) :slight_smile:

Thank You

Maybe, the disc was not read properly (RAW) or written properly (for whatever reason). Support to Lite-On burners in CloneCd is not what it should be. Olli has his reasons why this has remained so for so long. Last night I tested my 40125S and 32123S again with SD2.8x and I had no trouble. AWS is not enabled on the burners and I used the “Ignore” feature. Turned on Hide CD-R Media and away I went.

May I suggest that you right click the burners and profiles and check the settings: no subs, no AWS, no “Don’t Repair…” etc. Force Fast Error Skip to “on” and try again.