How2Tweak: WinOnCD 5.05 does not find AOpen CD-RW CRW4850 as long there's another rec

AOpen CD-RW CRW 4850 (fw. 1.04) & WinOnCD 5.05 & uniDRV 1.15.0:

Roxio’s WinOnCD does not support this recorder officially, yet. As long as the AOpen CD-RW CRW 4850 is the one and only recorder in your system, you can assign a driver manually to the drive, e.g. the driver which belongs to the AOpen CD-RW CRW4852.
However, if there is another recorder in your system which is supported by WinOnCD, you cannot use this procedure. Then, you can only chose the other supported recorder under WinOnCD and the AOpen is missing in the selection box.

But: With the help of a little registry hack you can select both recorders under WinOnCD. WinOnCD stores all supported recorders in the registry. I.e., you can find the AOpen CD-RW 4852 because it’s officially supported. Let us now assume that the 4850 is very similiar to the 4852 and exchange the 4852 for 4850. WinOnCD will then find the 4850 and will let you select it from the recorder selection box.
You need to tweak the following registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CeQuadrat\GRI\Drivers\AOPE11\Description= “AOpen CRW 4850” i[/i]
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CeQuadrat\GRI\Drivers\AOPE11\DeviceId = "CD-RW CRW4850 " i[/i]
ATTENTION: Don’t forget the Space at the end of "CD-RW CRW4850 " !!!


The described procedure is for experienced users only who are familiar with the windows registry.
WinOnCD does not officially support the AOpen CD-RW CRW4850, yet. So I cannot guarantee for anything.

  • Your drive might be damaged.
  • Your discs might be recorded inproperly.
  • Your drive might work inproperly.
    It seems that you can record discs at a maximum speed of 32 although it is a 48speed recorder.