How would I convert Xvid to DVD?

Can anyone tell me how i would go about converting XVid files to DVD?
I have got tmpgenc 2.?

If anyone could point me in the right direction i would be grateful.

Thanks alot

try VSO’s DiVXToDVD app…it’s free and i’ve been successul when using it:

Thier are many diffrent ways to do that. First would be to use an all in one program that does the whole process. I use nero and think it works good. I believe the one drpino linked to is one also. Here are several other all in one programs (some are free).
The other way is to use several programs and do it step by step yourself. Thier is a lot more to learn but it is suposed to work beter and give beter results (personally I’m to lasy so I use all in one programs, primarilly nero and the results are usally decent). Here are some guides to do it the hard way. It may also include some guides to use the all in one programs (read the descriptions).
Here is the forum here that deals with that. Thier is some interesting reading.
Thier are also some more guides thier.

As drpino and ripit already said,divx2dvd can do that,and the same applies for Nero,but the output quality is average,or less…however,if you’re a complete newbie AND want the best possible quality,you need a program that uses CinemaCraft Encoder to do the job…
The FilmMachine and Avi2Dvd,although they aren’t completely bugfree,are the best newbie-friendly programs to achieve that task…

I have tried the film machine with the freebe encoder that comes with it and it didn’t do that great (granted this was with files that didn’t work in nero so the files may have been bad themselves). Does it do beter with cinamacraft than with the freebe encoder? I still need to try it again with known good files of course.

have you tried vso divx to dvd that drpino posted? i`ve had very good results with it, only draw back it doesnt add chapters.

I havent yet. Most of my files work fine in nero and I like that nero can do easy custom menues including video clips for the back ground and video capture for the butons etc. (just wish the buttons wern’t so ugly). I have goten kind of lasy about dealing with those few files that won’t work in nero which is about the only reason i went looking for other programs to do it. I have been wanting to play with some other softwares though (If I ever get around to it).

a very happy user of divxtodvd here… :iagree:

Thanks alot for your help. I will try divxtodvd later aswell as some of the other things mentioned.

Thanks again

I have used TMPGEnc 2.5 with Xvid and Divx. It will not make a DVD what it will do is convert the file to one recognised by it’s DVD author software, this will then convert it to the relevant vobs which it will then burn to DVD to play on a stand alone. I also use Main Concept MPEG Encoder to convert files to the right type for TMPGEnc DVD Author to recognise for its conversion as it is quicker than TMPGEnc.

i’ve tried other methods than divxtodvd incl. utilizing MainConcept, TMPGEnc, etc. i just don’t see the point in spending so much time (not to mention having to manually do everything) when the source files are generally shit quality anyway. i guess it all depends on your source file, but i think it’s safe to say that whatever most ppl are converting are downloaded XViD/DiVX rips of movies which aren’t that great quality to begin with.