How would I burn windows office 2000?



Okay! I have all of the files for Windows Office 2000 on my hard drive but I need to burn it onto a disc as if it were the real thing.

I have this point-and-click web site builder and it keeps asking to load some editor from the Windows Office 2000 disc and I don’t have one.

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


There isn’t a Windows Office 2000 disc. However, there are:

  1. Windows 2000
  2. Office 2000

They are two separate software applications.


There is no protection so just use nero…


Tere is no way you can do that. When software is installed in the computer, files are placed everywhere in the operating system: Program files, Windows, System, System32, Windows Registry, etc. Just to name a few. What you see is not all you have.You will never be able to unscramble the whole application and put it together before burning.


Hehehehhh. If you don’t have the original installation CD, then you will not be able to reload those MS proggies. With SOME self-executing proggies, you can copy the .EXE to another PC and click on the .EXE to run the application. Most freeware are like this.


True. Even the specialist uninstaller programs that contain a module for transferring a program from one pc to another with all necessary registry entries etc. indicate that they won’t work with MS Office apps.

They’re simply to complex and have necessary bits and pieces installed in all sorts of locations so the transferring app simply can’t pick them all up.


Sorry i misread the post thought he was trying to backup a cd
And as others have already said it cant be done…