How would I burn this to DVD?

I have this movie but it’s not in regular video format. I used VLC to watch the movie, and now I want to burn it on DVD so I can watch it on a DVD player. I don’t know how to though, and besides it looks like its in VCD format, and I want it in DVD format. Here is what it looks like when I opened it with DAEMON. (its an BIN image file)

This is whats inside the entire BIN file:

This is whats inside the folder that says “MPEGAV”

So is it a VCD file? How do I burn it to DVD, in [u]DVD format?[/u] I have DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink.

Also I have another simple question… lets say I completely remove QuickTime Player will VLC still be able to play quicktime files?

Thanks for whatever help.

Maybe try Dr Divx or Auto Gordian Knot?

Hope that helps. Good luck.

damn, none of them worked

Dr Divx didn’t work? Woah.

Have you tried google searching for video converters and see if any of those demos work?

Hey, there is a commercial demo for Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 that you might want to try:

That may do it.

I use vcd gear to extract the mpg from the vcd or svcd. Then just rename it and save it, and then I drop it into vso divx to dvd and its all set. Good Luck.

That worked!!! It was fast too. Thank you very much.