How would i burn the vcd that are 840 mb into 2 disc of cd that are 700mb

I need help to burn vcd that are more than 700mb. I have cd that are 700mb total max space.I wanted to burn a vcd that is 840mb onto two discs. How would i burn the vcd that are 840 mb into 2 disc of cd that are 700mb.Is possible to split the 840mb vcd into 2 cd disc.

I know Roxio can do this but don’t know how the outcome would be.

The point is: You should burn it with the program you have created them with…

And VCD and SVCD can hold more than their “specified size” because VCD/SVCD is burnt with reduced error correction than normal formats/burns.

Any good burnsoftware can burn such images to vcd - I’m sure you are talking about images but it’s not clear where they are from…

As an example, you can load Nero, enable cd overburn, then choose the vcd template and select the image file, then burn.

If you have Nero and you drive allows larger discs the easy way would be to get a disc that can hold your full file size, as a 99 minute CD-R that has a capacity of 900MB (a brand name that has such discs is Infiniti, but there are more out there).
You have to know if your player will cope with there disc, obviously…

Usually when you burn a vcd it’s burned as a ‘mode 2’ disc. For technical reasons i can’t explain and don’t really understand, mode 2 allows you to fit more info on a cd. I used to burn 800 mb mpg consistently with Vcd easy If you check there is a freeware version link on this page. Try that and see if you can do it. I think the limit is 830 mb though. If that doesnt work i think you may be able to trim part of the movie off with this mpg2Cut2


This issue has been discussed 1000’s of times, I’m sure.

The search button is your friend. Faster too :wink:

Yeah, I forgot. It has to be burnt in DAO mode and cd overburning enabled and allowed by asking from Nero.