How would I achieve better burns?

Hi all,

I have had my LiteOn 451s writer for ages now, & I have been going through my DVD collection converting all the stuff I have on crappy “Princo” dyes to the new “Ridisc Ritek Extreme 4X G05” DVD-R’s.

I have tried other dyes in the past, like “CMC MAG AE1” & a Taiyo Yuden that I had from a sample pack, however I get pretty much the same results using any type of dye.

My kprobe results seem to be around (PI) 100-200 & (PIF) 3-4.

I found a dramatic improvement in my results by changing the write strategy of “Ritek G05” to the G06 setting, this is what is giving me the results above, before doing this I was having (PI) of around 400-500.

However I cant help thinking that while im not getting too many problems, I would like to know how I can improve these results a little more.

A (PI) of around 20 would be nice :slight_smile:

I was wondering if the LiteOn 451s that im using is a good drive or not? I havent had any other drives to compare against.

I have searched a little on the net for some KProbe results of the “Ritek Extreme G05” disks that im using, to see if I can see what results can be achieved using other writers, but I cant seem to find any, anyone know of any links?

Thanks in advance for any advice,
Nick :slight_smile:

i also got good results on 811s using the G05 @ G06, but you could be facing problems simular to your princos in 12 months time. Ritek is not reliable any more.

you could crossflash your 451 which could improve your burning. guide here, be sure to read carfully and backup your eeprom & firmware first. this way you can revert back to original 451.