How works Norton Ghost?

Thankz, but can you maybe write in english?

i want to make a backup of my hd and than burn on cd.
what do i have to do in the prg?

Nou ff opletten he, follow these steps…

  1. Start Ghost…
  2. Selecteer “Local”
  3. Geef aan wat geback-upped moet worden, dus hele schijf (disk) of partitie (partition).
  4. Selecteer dan “To Image” in beide gevallen.
  5. Selecteer welke schijf/welke partitie
  6. Volgende menu is Filename to copy image to
    Geef aan waar de image naartoe moet, (LET OP: Niet naar dezelfde partitie doen als waar die van gemaakt moet worden, kies altijd een andere schijf) en de naam, en druk dan op Enter.
  7. Geef ook nog aan wat voor compressie toegepast moet worden. (None, Fast, High)
    Check even hoe groot je partitie/disk is, en kies adh daarvan je compressie.


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English, mail me 4 da answer…

And then there was nothing

  1. Start Ghost…
  2. Select “Local”
  3. Mark what needs to be backed up, disk or partition .
  4. Select “To Image” both cases.
  5. Select disk/partition
  6. Filename to copy image to, name a file on another disk as the one 2 B backed up. Press Enter.
  7. Select compression (None, Fast, High)


Thankz a lot man!
It works

what if your hdd is partitioned into 3 partitions and you want to image all 3 partitions and burn to CD-RW, considering that you can not image to a drive you are copying?

Yo 996_Lover,

You can make images from 1 partition to another on the same disk. Just not on the same partition, coz the partition would be changing while you’re dumping an image…

So just make an image of each of your partitions on another and burn thos to a CDRW.


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Ill shall add some txt to
look overhere:

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Does anybody know where I can find this program on the internet?

if you want ghost 6 email me


Does Ghost support Spanning? Say your partition totals 2gig… say spans it over 3 or 4 CDR’s?

hehhe span it later with zip or rar?

I believe Ghost 6 does indeed support Spanning.


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I thought it did… Well, I’m almost sure it does… Check the options menu in the beginning…

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To put back the ghost-image, burn Ghost explorer and the other files from that folder to the first cd you burn, (DON’T ZIP) cause otherwise you are unable to put back your partition. I assume that, when you do this, your hd will be completely empty…

It’s not necessary if you only want to clean winows, for a chance…

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