How Windy Is It Where You Are?

Here in Wyoming, the winds are particularly fierce. I hate it when they say it was “a little breezy today”, when it actually got up to gale force winds (80 mph+). They have a saying here about it: “In other places, they measure strong winds by how much of a logging chain it’ll stand straight out; in Wyoming, they measure it by how many links it snaps off”.

Today, they are predicting about 60 mph winds. There is a place I pass every day that has big 18 wheeler tow trucks and a large yard. I can always tell how windy it’s been by how many truck “carcasses” they bring in.

Does anyone else get these kinds of killer winds?


The winds here on the west coast of Michigan was over 50 miles per hour last week.
It gets pretty windy here because of the lake.The lighthouse here is 30 foot tall and I’ve seen waves go over the top of the lighthouse.

It gets so windy here and I am so thin that on some days I have to chain a bowling ball to my ankle so I don’t find myself in the next County.

In Amarillo we get some strong winds but overall we have more constant wins.
That is what makes this area ideal for windmills.
Right now I consider it a windy day. Speed 28 with gusts to 38 so far .
This is expected to increase as the day warms.

Now for the joking .
I saw the bars on the barb wire blowing strait from the wind.
So far the barbed wire snow fence has held the snow to the North.
All the cattle & horses are leaning to one side ,
The trees bent from the prevailing wind straitened up when the wind changed to the opposite direction one day.
Thinking of doing some flat land hang gliding or parachute “jumping”. I just need to jump about 4 inches & I’m off with the wind.

Gusty enough last night that I didn’t park under the 150’ Port Orford Cedar next door.

Yep, I’ve seen times when I thought that if I just lift my feet off the ground a little, I could fly home! I sometimes have to walk backwards against the wind. I think if I had a catapault, I could just fling my garbage up about 20 feet and let the wind do the rest; it’s Nebraska’s problem now hehehe


Depends on who blows into town,eh!

Varies a bit, depending on bean consumption:

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2709608]Varies a bit, depending on bean consumption:

LOL, I thought of exactly the same thing!

I have the 30th Anniversary Edition of that movie on DVD. :slight_smile:


A storm is forecast for the North West here later today.

I can’t remember the last time we had a red alert issued for our area (probably >10 years), so am curious to see what turns up.

Currently just breezy outside. :slight_smile:

It’s now pretty stormy here, with the wind howling away around the house. Peak is due around 9pm going by the service:

Going by the power check website, which pinpoints outages, Ireland has more pins than a pin cushion. So far our electricity is holding up, but have everything rechargeable plugged in just in case.

The west coast is currently the worst hit and various reports of damage on the news, including several injuries and one death so far due to a tree falling on a car.:frowning:

Bellmullet (far west coast):

This storm finally ended yesterday and just when we thought we escaped damage, we found out that this storm was not a fan of satellite TV.

While visiting my brother next door, their satellite dish was buckled by the storm. I knew our satellite system stopped working that evening, so I figured our dish just needed realigning, until I saw this…

There were a lot of trees down on roads around the county, but they were cleared the following morning. There were over 10,000 electricity customers out in our county, our electricity managed to stay on. The local tech school was out, so they had the day off yesterday.

Another storm is forecast for today, but shouldn’t reach violent storm force like Wednesday.

After “Sven” the hurricane finished with us north-Europeans it is back to its calm self here in southern Norway. Northern Norway, on the other hand, usually have it rather windy for the duration of the winter. I’ve lived up there a couple of times and experienced hurricanes. The wind force is one thing, but when it is constantly over 75mph at -30° C (-22° F), I can tell you that going outside isn’t something you do in a whim anymore. It is carefully planned at that point.