How will the 3520 do with this media?



I’ve been having some problems with my Benq where it’s started coastering some media, and others that are supposed to be good aren’t playing in my standalone (MCC 004 doesn’t play, Ritek R03 and CMC F01 play). I’m wondering if this is the burner, so I’m burning some discs on other burners as experiments. But the bottom line is I’m starting to not trust my Benq anymore. The best burner I ever had was a 2500, so I figure if I’m going to switch again, it’ll be to a 3520.

In general, how would a 3520 do with these various media (this is what I have; I know there are no guarantees, I’m just looking for generalizations):

CMC F01 +R
MCC 004 +R
TYG02 -R
Optodisc OR4 +R
Ritek R03-002 +R

I have a lot of the MCC 004, so to have it not play in my standalone is a big deal, especially when it will play other +R…



have only tried TYG02 from your list,which burns at 12x
MMC02RG2 (blu ridisk 8x-r & new datawrite silver hub printable 8x -r) also burn at 12x
benq 8x -r(sony 08D1) burn at 16x
on the cd front have found that the infiniti and the benq cdr"s burn at 48x



You say you have a lot of MCC004’s-

Suggest getting firmware with bitsetting to ROM for those discs-



The Ritek R03-002 works just fine, although only @ 8X. The MCC 004 should burn @ 16X w/o any issues. Use the 1.04/1.05/1.25 official firmware with bitsetting and you’ll be golden.


Thanks guys! I just placed the order.


I would avoid the CMC and the Optodisc.


Well… I have about 35 altogether of those. (compared to 50+ Ritek, 75 Verbatim, and 100 TY) so I’ll just use them for less important stuff.


The Optodisc OR8’s burn fabulously on my 3520 using Dee’s 1.U6 firmware.

Be sure to get WinBtypeV2 to set the Booktype to DVD-ROM (better player compatibility)


Do you have any scans? I always love to see other media on an NEC.