How/where to get my nec serviced?



ok, this is my first time trying to get an optical drive repaired under warranty.

to make a long story short, while building a new machine my nec caught on fire. what we are pretty sure of is that the power was plugged in backwards. Thermaltakes new 130$ power supply has these fancy cables with no safety measure to stop the cable from going in backwards, or maybe we and my building partner were wrong, and the drive caught on fire for no good reason.

well the drive is but three months old, and i want to try and get NEC to take it in for repair, what has been your experience, where do you go? NEC is not a real big consumer electronics company, after merging with mitsubishi their name seems to be less prevealant, but they do make a hell of a burner, and now I see they do PIE scanning!!! damn, and my nec was twice as fast as my benq (real helpfull doing a data verification on a burn)



I know that NEC’s are “hot” (as in popular) burners, but catch on fire!? LOL

You can buy a new burner at Newegg for $50. I would be surprised if it is worth trying to fix a burnt out drive.


I agree , :frowning: I don’t think servicing is much of an option. :bow: Newegg Rocks!!


In principle, a physical damage won’t be serviced. But if your drive looks fine (no burn mark :slight_smile: ) you may have a chance to get a replacement.