How well does NEC 3520 burn TYG01 @ 8x?



I just got a NEC 3520a and I’ve read it burns Taiyo Yuden 4x dvd-r’s @ 8X. I would like to know if it makes a quality burn at this speed or should I burn at the rated speed of 4X. Sorry if this is an annoying question but I’ve poured through variou threads looking for an answer and I couldn’t find anything.



You will get a decent burn at 8x - and probably a better burn at the 4x "cause that is what it was designed for IMO-



I played around a little with Dee and Liggy’s firmware, but I never got better or equal burns to what I got with Liggy’s modded 3.04. I do applaud there work, and love Liggy’s 3.04! Liggy’s 3.04 just add bitsetting, riplock removal, and rpc1 I think, no media speedups.


Is Liggy’s modified 3.04 firmware better than stock when it comes to burning taiyo yuden 4x dvd -r?


See my scans. Both 8X and 4X are superb. Usually L&D modify G01 to burn at G02 strat. and I have found this is not as good, at least on my 3500. On the 3520 this is not the case.