How well do you play twister?

Ok, here’s the rub.

How well can you play twister, you know, the game where you spin the arrow, and it points to one of several colours with combination of arms, legs, or the novelty set with additional options :wink:

C’mon, how good are you?

Twister… is that where someone pinches your nipple and twists it?

sigh No. That’s a nipple cripple.

no thats a titty twister… ;)…and as for twister…its much better played after a shower of baby oil is sprayed on all contestants…

I think that’s another “game”. :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:

eagerly awaiting new pictures of you and your friends :smiley:

As for myself. Since i’m defenitely not a small person, i doubt i get more than 4 circles at the same time. I do have an advantage though. If i trip or fall i’ll immediately kill all other contestants. Instant win! :bigsmile:

That makes two of us. :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh… At my school loads of 1337 gangsta’ rappaz call it “nipz cripz”

Sorry i can’t touch the ground… I’m an angel :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick, better call St. Peter. I found their missing angel. :smiley:

But only when your parents around …
Other than that … you’ve fallen :wink:

Can you watch over me and come sit on my shoulder. :iagree:

Mmmmmm flexible.