How well do you know the USA

How well do you know where all the states in USA are.?

heres how i did…

i really dont care about U.S.

Spoken like a true globalist. What I find interesting, is that people who dislike the USA the most live in countries that would be very different today had the US not gone to their aid during the last two World Wars. Of course things change and the newer generations tend to overlook this. A lot of Americans have died to give the remainder of the world the freedom they enjoy today. This discussion does not apply to Iraq, a completely different story.

Hey now…this isn’t a political thread… so just play the game or don’t post…please

hehehe, can you imagine the French eating sausages and drinking beer instead of eating frog legs and drinking champagne? :slight_smile:

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And where is the thread title does it say it’s a game?

Score: 34 out of 50 and 68%. Those smaller States on the East Coast are tough (tuff)

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I got for my try was 84% & 116 miles, i got a lot of easy ones for the start, & yes the ones on the east coast are hard if your not from the US.

If it was about counties from the UK i’d be even worse…!!

Tried just a while ago. 76%, 96 miles, 446 seconds. I didn’t know time was also a factor so I didn’t try to do it fast. :sad: Perhaps I could have made 100% in less than one minute 10 years ago.

80%, 44 miles, 301 seconds. Meh, had a couple states pop up like Oklahoma and such right from the get go and tried to place them correctly but ended up being off some. Didn’t get lucky and get things like New York, Texas, New Mexico, California, etc to start off with to fill in some of the gaps. hehe

92% 12 Miles 284 Seconds

Then why did you even reply to this thread? :a
By the way, I got 82%, 43 mi. 402 sec. :wink:

As far as meat pies go, I prefer Jamaican meat pies to empanadias. :bigsmile:

Another comedian…

SCORE - 84%


TIME - 459 Secs

Not too shabby, for an ol’ Southern Boy from Arkansas!

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

92 percent, average error 7 miles, time: 581 seconds

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To be honest I really don’t know much about where each state are located exactly, and I really don’t care (not trying to offend), but I have a pretty good idea of in which part of the country each state is positioned (at least when it comes to the bigger ones).

not very well
i live in england