How well can you cook?

But above all, handle with care :bigsmile:


Capsicum is a very MILD chilli pepper.
You can make Paprika out of it, but then again, it’s very mild, so maybe not.
Although it’s technically a chilli, I’d laugh at anyone that thought it was remotely hot. The red ones are actually a little sweet.

Ok, we would just call them common bell peppers. Thanks, I had no idea what they were.

Try wasabi next time :slight_smile:

The family loves it when I make my chicken/andouille gumbo. It takes about 5 hrs to cut up all the ingredients, make the roo, and then put it all together to cook for a couple of hours. Cook up a pan of rice to go with it, and I have a meal for about 20 people, or lots of good leftovers. I usually make about 3 gallons of gumbo.

One of my other favorites is to make chucker with wild rice. I keep the chucker whole, chop up bacon, and onion and cook that with long grain wild rice. I stuff the bird with the rice, and pour 1" of dry white wine in the pan and bake for about 45 minutes until the meat starts falling off the bone.

Some great dishes there guys.
I needed to impress my inlaws yesterday. I decided to play it safe :o

Lentil Soup
Lentils soaked overnight in water, grated carrots, potato and a little barley.
Ham stock, then simmer it for 2 to 3 hours, season to taste and garnish with some parsley

Scotch Steak Pie
Prime scotch fillet, diced then browned in a pan with some butter to seal in the flavour. Add half an onion (copped) and water and simmer for 30 minutes, then add a little gravy granules to thicken. Pour into a pie dish and cover with a pastry, bake in the oven in a moderate heat for 30 to 35 minutes.
Serve with fresh garden peas, baby carrots and potatoes.

Fresh strawberries and cream.

Hmmmm, perhaps not as adventurous as some of the dishes elsewhere in this thread. But like most married women with a family in the world, I have to cook these sort of meals 7 days per week :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

sounds great Dee…and I do agree …most of us cook everyday…so we dont’ just have ONE meal we do great…its a 7 day a week…thing…

speaking of which…tonight at the SS house…i’ll be serving

Baked chicken in a southwest country gravy mix…
mashed sweet potatoes/w butter and brown sugar
mac& cheese -with some bacon crumbled in the mix too
fresh broccoli
fresh corn
cressent rolls

and peach cobbler for dessert…

thats pretty much a typical southern meal…:wink:

^Guess who’s coming to dinner-eh!

Of course you know they use that green chilli toothpaste only to kill all the bacteria in their stomachs from the raw fish.

I think we should just suggest they drink pine-o-clean with their meals :wink:

For now, my baby eats what I “cook” for her very very well. :wink:

Just as fortunately, my wife eats almost everything I cook for her, but I never tried to make Kimchi myself, mostly bought or sent from my mother. I’m not familiar with terms like starter and main course, too complicated. :slight_smile:

I do have sufficient knowledge about the microwave to cook yes :bigsmile:

Bah! Finding the “auto-cook” button doesn’t count! :disagree:
You must also be able to work the scales!! :iagree:

Very well. :iagree:

One of my favorites is Lasagna with chicken and courgette (zucchini).

I am soooooooo hungry after reading this thread. :iagree:

I’ll probably never be a good cook. Can’t afford going somewhere to learn cooking and can’t afford to hire a cook for home. Worse is that there’s no restaurant within 20-30 minutes on foot that does good cooking of any kind whether it’s Chinese, Korean, Japanese, pseudo-European, or even pizza or hamburger. :frowning: Best person I can trust is my mother who’s kind and diligent enough to prepare meals for her daughter-in-law and the youngest grand-daughter.

I learned heaps of cooking tips from fellow students while at Uni. Sure learned how to make meals out of the most basic crap! Love cooking my own curries and chillies and don’t even get me started on the odd scrumptious stir-fry with marinaded chicken. Some of my friends are amazing cooks and I’ll never match them with imagination. The sort that just chucks things in, knows how all the flavours work and comes up with something different each time just to piss me off :wink:

Grilled burgers, brats, steaks, pork-steaks, chicken, shrimp, fish…
I take care of the grill and the meat, my wife makes the sides and dessert.

Starter Prawn Cocktail
Main Sirloin Steak with a pepper sauce(homemade)Baby Mushroom New Potatoes,Fresh Brocolli and a salad garnish
Sweet Somthing light like strawberry mousse or fresh strawberries and cream

“Throw another shrimp on the Barbie, mate!”

I don’t know any aussies which have ever cooked prawns on a BBQ.
Prawns (and other general seafood) on a BBQ are something which Korean immigrants do, and american wannabe aussies, with the exception of perhaps BBQ’d fish, which is wrapped in tinfoil first. And then that’s generally thrown into a fire, rather than cooked ON the BBQ.

I can cook very well but my wife is better and she won’t let me do it (except washing the dishes :frowning: )… Afterall, who’s going to take care all the networked comps at home if I cook everyday? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s our dinner when we camp out last weekend, at the Wellesley Island State Park (Thousand Island, NY).

Stater: corn soup
Main: sushi, bbq honey chicken wings, salad (all from our garden)
closing: watermellon, marshmallow on fire!

Pictures are worth a thousand words. :wink: