How was the RIAA website hacked ? - Be amazed

I just posted the article How was the RIAA website hacked ? - Be amazed. reports that the Estonian website has posted details about how the RIAA website was hacked. (We were about the first reporting and mirroring it) About two weeks ago,…

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I honor and glorify whoever hacks the RIAA website.

Gotta definitely give lots of love to anyone who hacks them, please do it again.

ohhhh yeah. Hackerz Rock. :wink:

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! fuck riaa!! they waste so much money on lost wars that they don’t have enough money to pay a real webmaster!! :4 :4 :4


Because it was so simple to do, perhaps a newborn child has hacked the site by exident. lol WELL DONE BOYZ- HACK DA WOLD Gräfdig Gloner

Yup, Just like pretty much anyone here, I had a great laugh when I found about the hack. :4 Now the RIAA knows what it’s like to be f’ed up the ass, just like they’re trying to do to us by taking away our consumer-rights. :r

RDJ134: You saw Hackers on UPN tonight didn’t you! :4