How useful is disc quality scanning?



I just encountered a situation where cdspeed sort of hanged so I have to do scanning again.

the 2nd-time around, the score I got was much better. I tried it again and again, there doesn’t seem to be any consistency.

is there any point in disc quality scanning? (unless you using pro equipment)

I’m using a liteon 1693 burner.

thank you.




I’ve had that happen too before - where it hangs in a certain area of the disc and I have to do it over again. If it’s able to do it again all the way through (scan or quality test) I don’t worry. But if it crashes in the same place I’ll toss it and burn it over again.


When anything hangs in my computer, I worry. I get fairly repeatable scans with my 1693.

Maybe you are using discs with MIDs that are newer than your firmware, or maybe the drive is wearing out.

I burned 8x +R Verbatims and TY in mne. Also some Verb 4x +RW.

One thing that can happen to computers is the transfer mode of the IDE channel can get changed from DMA to PIO mode. You can see that in Device Manager. It should also be evident from a TRT scan.