How use bitsetting with 4120B?


i’m new in this forum and i dont’s speak english very well , sorry. I have e few question for you:

  1. the 4120B support bitsetting? I belive yes if i use the N0AD firmware, right?

  2. Now, how to use this feauter? with Nero? Whit DVDInfoPRo? How i can change book setting in my DVD+R?

I have read a lot in your forum, but I have not understood this what to dofor my questions…

please, help me

Thanks from Milano!!!

The bitsetting on the 4120B is available by using N0AD firmware yes :slight_smile: N0AD works just fine. Use Nero and bitsetting is done for you automagically :slight_smile:


Thanks for quikly answer. But if i have a my master with N0AD firmware, i have a DVD+R (with DVD-R the bitsetting don’y work?) and Ner v6.1.17. Now, what’s the process step-by-ster for chenge Bitsetting to DVD+R -> DVD-ROM?
I must use some other software?

1000 thanks!

bitsetting for dvd-r is not importent,because all sa-players read them.noad set only automaticly dvd+r/dvd+r dl as don´t need set anything in nero or whatever you use.

ps.:sorry for my english,i´m comes from germany and my school was for over 20 years. :wink:

Ooh… thank for your information!!! This morning i try this and veryfy my master work fine.

See you later!