How update a firmware?

hi to all,this might be stupid,but i don’t know how update firmware for my old cd-rw optorite cw4002.
i downloaded the zip file from the official page,these are the files inside:

is the exe the windows up program? if is it can’t let back up the old firmware,this could be dangerous?

please,tell me haw can i do a secure update


First of all - be Triple sure that you have the right firmware for the right drive - otherwise you may “fry” the drive-

Second - assume that you have unzipped the file-

Within windows - open the winupdate.exe file-

It should ask you for a .bin file - direct it to the 120E.bin file - load it and tell the program to start-

After it is finished it should either say or recommend that you reboot your computer - say “yes” and/or reboot your computer-

Check with something like Nero Info Tools and see if it detects the change in firmware for your drive - if so - then the flash was successful-

Good luck - proceed carefully-


yes,i have the correct firm update for my drive,so i will try like you say, but the winupdate.exe doesn’t give me the option to back up first the older firm,anyway this update is from the official page so i assume this will work fine…
thanx Mike

No real need to backup the old firmware…if something went wrong you could just download the old firmware from thr website and re-flash. :slight_smile: