How unerase a cdrw

I was updating a cdrw and deleting a directory with hundred of files.
I stopped suddenly the deletion and some of the files are still there and available.
Is it possible to recover the lost files? They are not in the tray.
I tried with some softwares but unsuccesfuly.
Someone could help me?
Thanks in advance.

hmmm… iolo search and recover 2 will do a good job, so will pc inspector file recovery 3, i think this is freeware.

hope this helps, ben :slight_smile:

Thanks Ben,
Unfortunatly, CDRW seems to be a media impossible for recover. I tried already PC inspector and Unerase restorer2000.
I give up.
Anyway thanks for help

How did you delete the files off the CD-RW?

I am having this problem too. Any new suggestions on recovering files from a quick-erased CD-RW?