How to you copy gamecube

I can’t get .iso for gamecube game’s and how to you copy your game for free?

I need help!

We may be able to help with the second part, but the first part… sorry, but no: and please read the rules again. :cop:

But do you know?

Do I know what?

How to copy gamecube games for free.

You appear to have used the search facility to locate such information. I suggest you have some patience, and do a little more research in that direction.

Have you tried looking in the copy forum for instructions on how to make copies of games that you own? That would be a very good place to start.

There are plenty of resources out there to help you. Keep looking, and you will find something.

Get married to a insanely rich person who buys the games for you.

For Free??
Neither death is for free.

lol Yes very true Mr Belvedere thats the only way to get something for free.

you cant copy the games for free because some of the components required you need to buy them.

For a start you need a broadband adaptor and a x-over cable for your gamecube.

and some of these tools! You might not need all of them but they might come handy:
Gamecube ISO Ripping server
Paradox Game cube disc server
Gamecube memory card adaptor
Gamecube file converter
Cobra bios
Star cube
Wiped GCM Fixer
Free viper
Card tool - for Editing saves in the memory card
GC-Tool v 1.2
GCN disc browser
GC USB Memory adaptor
GCM Split - to edit GCN images
GCM Utility
GCN Encrypt
Dol Tool
Easy Dol maker

They are all available on the net. :slight_smile:
or use the search at the top of the page :slight_smile: