How to write using nerocmd.exe

I want to use nerocmd to write one file in hdd to cdrw media

I’m using the following script in dos prompt:
nerocmd --error_log c:
–drivename e
–iso TestBurn c:\avifile.avi

After performing this, the message, Ok was displayed.
But when I explored the cdrw media in windows explorer, There are no files. What was wrong? Please give a detailed advice to me.

Thanks in advance.

my computer does not show any files until the disk is ejected and reinserted

hope it helps

p.s. r u burning any multisession disks w/nerocmd? it is trouble here.

john bosco

I have an app working which writes multiple sessions to CD until the CD is full, then ejects and waits for the user to insert a new CD. Because it is multi-session I never close the disc in case there is space for another session. So I was wondering, what is the point of closing a disc? Then I noticed the problem with Explorer not displaying the latest session until the CD was re-inserted. (No problem with IsoBuster.) So I wondered, is this because the disc has not been closed? Is this true?

If this is the case, and I have the situation where there is not enough space for the next session, how can I close the disc without writing a new session?