How to write faster...?

This might sound a bit stupid, but how can I write cds faster than the CD-R media recommends?

My burners have allways detected the “supported” speed from the media and I have never been able to choose faster speeds.
I have 40x burner.

I’m using Sony 80min CD-Rs now and they support burning up to 16x.

But I want to burn faster =)

What brand is your burner?
If it’s a Lite-On 40x, you can disable media checking where you select writer.

Yes, It’s LTR40125S Firmware Z0A.

I’m at work now so I can’t test that yet, but can I also burn CDRW media faster that way?

I have a bunch of old 4x and even 2x RWs, so that would be useful.

you can’t burn cdrw cds faster than the speed thats on the cd

Okay, I thought so too.

But, thanks anyway.