How to write edited video onto DVD

Can anyone please advice on how to write/burn already edited video onto DVD which can be played by normal DVD player? I’m using Ulead 11.

I’ve been trying to create menu for DVD, but couldn’t get it done and don’t know why.

Thank you very much.


I don’t use Ulead 11, and no you don’t [I][B]need[/B][/I] to install Ner0 (if you must, it’s your call)…One method is to demux/extract the video/audio streams with say Vob2mpg to create a single .mpg file…Now import the .mpg in DVDflick for instance, to create a new DVD with menu…AFAIK it will/should not re-encode if the source mpg is DVD(Mpeg2) compliant…
Now use Imgburn to burn the VIDEO_TS folder that flick created…
Good luck!..

For DVDFlick to not encode the MPEG-2 you need to check this:
Project Settings/Video/Advanced/ Copy MPEG-2 streams then Accept.