How to write DVD Properly & how to get TEXT?


I have files on my HD and wana burn DVD, now please tellme is it make a difference if :-

I select directly the folder tht contains movie OR if i open tht folder and click on Video_TS. PLEASE SEE IMAGES HIGHLIGHTED WITH VIOLET TO KNW WHAT I AM SPEEKING

Image 1

Image 2

Secondly, Volume Label does not provide text (Movie Name) on my standalone dvd player… i get “no text” on my screen … so how to get the same ?

@ craige4u,

You should select the “VIDIO_TS” directory.

In the Volume Label box type in the name you desire for example in this instance “HOTEL_REWANDA”.

Perhaps it would be helpful in you reviewed the below CloneDVD User Guide ->


Naming in “VOLUME LABEL BOX” – When i play the DVD on my standalone player… i still get NO TEXT… What can i be doin wrong ?

Have you read your manual and see if it will read text?

Yes, all commercially made DVD are showing text when playing…

Anybody to solve…

You can click on Parent folder (Hotel rawanda) or it’s child folder (VIDEO_TS), either choice will work. If you choose “Parent folder (Hotel rarwanda)”, the following two folders will be written to your DVD …
AUDIO_TS (this folder is empty).
VIDEO_TS (this folder contains all of your movie files)

When you are selecting information for this screen input, you must MANUALLY enter the movie title for [U]Volume Label[/U]. You can input ANY text you want. For myself, I would fill this field with the following …
HotelRawanda[B]73[/B]. The 73 (an example number) represents the compression value CloneDVD stated when creating the output movie files. This way I can judge for any quality issues between movies of different compressions.
If you ARE filling in this input field prior to burning and your STANDALONE player does NOT display it, I can only surmise the output file structure chosen by CloneDVD for this field is not supported by your player. I would assume CloneDVD is using standard default file output specs for this file. Out of curiosity, when you mount your burned DVD on your computer player, does the Volume Label display??

Yes i am manually entering the volume lable & when i play the dvd on my PC, on ‘My Computer’ next to my drive letter i can read the name which i entered, so its quite weird its not getting displayed on my Standalone… my player is latest so i will rule-out supporting problem on an burned dvd