How to write DVD-Audio Disks?

I am in need of migrating the Audio-CD collection to DVDs.
The advantages being, fewer discs & No loss of quality.

How can it be done ?
In the Nero I have, there is no option to create a DVD-Audio !!!

(I also think that DVD-A format is backward compatible with the 16-bit 44.1KHz stream)

The advantages being, fewer discs & No loss of quality
It is not the DVD format that results in [U]no loss of quality[/U] as you could place MP3 formats on a DVD and there would be a loss.

Nero 7 allows you to create a “Jukebox DVD” and they list a number of formats that do result in a loss. You can experiment with their plug-ins and see if they will support loss-less formats on a DVD. Regardless what you use, expect to have great difficulty playing an audio DVD on most players.

Actually I meant, about audio to be stored in lossless PCM format.
Then, I’ve got a feeling that I am too early to ask about DVD-Audio :slight_smile:

Yes, I am almost positive that what you refer to as “DVD-Audio” doesn’t exists. “Yet” or not is in doubt, actually.

Lossless audio, such as was recorded on Audio CD format, doesn’t currently exist as a format for DVD. I am not sure if there is a hardware obstacle (I would assume so) or if it was deemed unnecessary, but it isn’t just Nero that doesn’t allow it. (Also, I don’t think there are any players that would recognize such a disc, even if some program was cheated into doing it)

With Minnetonka DiscWelder Gold, you can make a DVD-Audio that is compatible with most standalone video DVD players.