How to write at over-speeds?


i just got my 3500 a couple of weeks back, and im quite pleased with it.

however, i went to the computer fair over the weekend and brought some media (prodisc ritek g05) and the bloke i brought it off said he ‘guaranteed it to burn at 12X, if not 16X’ with a hacked firmware.

however, i tried herries 2.17, maddog 2f8 etc, and i cant get nero to burn at more than 8X.

so what do i need to do in order to get it to burn the 8X media at 12x?

i searched the forums, and all i get is ‘liggy’s media list firmware guide’ which i can honestly make neither head nor tail of - (i think it might be better if there was a link to the tested firmware with the test itself, it would make life soooooo much easier, if it wasnt too much work!).

i hope someone can help me, thanks.

give a try to Liggy’s beta6

RITEKG05 -> TYG02 (no change but limited to 12x, results should be fine)

Keep in mind that this firmware is experimental and results may not always be good.

thanks for the reply - i flashed it, then it gave me the error ‘power calibration error’ and failed to write a lead-out. think it doesnt work? or is it the media?

what speed did you burn?
btw the thread you should refer to is
post there your scans, questions, etc. :slight_smile:

The power calibration error has been linked to Nero in the past. Try upgrading to latest Nero from