How to write a CD/DVD in Nero that automatically shows thumbnail view when opened?

I’m going to archive some data and each folder has a got a ‘folder.jpg’ inside it so when you are in thumbnail view you can see that picture within the folder icon.

Is there any way to write a DVD/CD in Nero 6 so that when I open it later it will automatically go to that view without having to select thumbnail view manually?


i would think it would have something to do with Folder.htt and desktop.ini
google away

AFAIK, this is a folder view option and not something you can put on a CD/DVD. try changing your default view option for folders containing media through windows.

Change the window to however you would like. Then go to the tools menu, folder options and then go to the view tab. Select apply to all folders.

Now all the folders on your computer will be viewed the way you have it setup.

yup, that’s what i meant…additionally you can designate the view and custom folder options for various “media oriented” folders in windows (i.e. photos, music, video, etc.).

Cheers for the replies.